AITA for opening a neighbors take out bag that came with my food?

I ordered takeout tonight from a new rotisserie chicken restaurant, too tired from driving home from vacation. When it arrived I asked my husband to grab the food while I warmed the baby’s bottle and got her food ready. After I walked over to the table where he was unpacking the takeout bags, and he said “I didn’t know you ordered from five guys”, which is when we realized that someone else’s food must have been mistakenly delivered to us. We didn’t eat it, just set it aside in case someone came.

A lady then knocks on our door and asks if we got a five guys delivery. We said yes, but we had already opened it before we realize our mistake, but we hadnt eaten any. She left without a word, talking on her cell phone.

About 10 minutes later there was another knock. To my surprise, the police were here and asked if I had ordered take out and if the food was at my door. I explained our mistake, then basically said have a good night and left.

I feel bad for opening the food but it was an honest mistake. The police showing up has me questioning myself though.

EDIT/UPDATE: Clarifying a few things that came up in the comments : Our food came in a plastic bag. Theirs came in a paper bag. I told my husband the food was here, so he grabbed all the bags and started unpacking. When he opened the paper bag is when he said “huh i didnt realize you ordered from five guys, too.” My guess is our food and their food must have been delivered at about the same time, on the photo the drive left of our delivery you can only see one bag. I had thought the driver maybe misdelivered two orders at once.

We didn’t put it back out because five guys delivers fries just dumped in a bag. The burgers were wrapped up. But it didn’t feel right putting them out like no one had touched them. We have a dog and a baby so that seems like a health hazard.

Weirdly enough, I was emailed by the landlord of the neighbor who said he has been asked to raise the issue at our HOA meeting that I am a thief who stole their food. The texts he sent seemed to suggest other things were stolen in the past, which obviously we knew nothing about. I’m wondering if that is why the neighbor called the police immediately?

And I live in a suburb of a large city on the east coast. The police officer said he just had to follow through and said they were getting a refund, but didn’t say anything else. He didn’t even ask for our names or anything, just said have a good night and left.

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