Irish Dance Surprise: Four Girls Rock The Wedding Reception

Our wedding day is a day that we will remember for the rest of our life. There are so many special moments that happen during the day that sometimes, it is difficult to process them all.

Dancing has always been an important part of the wedding day, but recently, it has gone to a new level.

People surprise their guests with special dances, and sometimes they may even surprise the bride or Groom.

That is what happened at this wedding when four young girls got up to do an Irish dance. It took place in Pennsylvania, and thanks to the Hooley School of Irish Dance, they were able to put on a show for a bride named Gretchen.

As ‘Shut up and Dance’ was playing over the speakers, two women came out on the stage and started moving their feet. It’s amazing to watch an Irish dance and these girls had it down.

It wasn’t long before two other girls who were dressed exactly the same came out and joined them. They continued to dance as five more girls entered the mix, all of them keeping perfect timing with each other.

The crowd was obviously impressed by what they were seeing, and everybody was focused on the girls in black. They didn’t notice that the bride joined them at the end.

You can see it for yourself in this video:

Credit: Kuluckada

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